Vendor Services


Vendor Services goal is to maintain an up to date vendor database used by State agencies for their accounting purposes.

All USA payees must submit a vendor registration form to be paid by a State of Nevada agency. A Nevada Vendor Registration is also required to change a Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to an existing vendor record.

Non-USA entities are considered foreign vendors. A Foreign Vendor Registration and an IRS Form W-8 must be submitted via standard mail to receive payment.

Pursuant to NRS 227 payment to all USA payees of the State of Nevada will be electronic. Per NRS 353C, money owed to any agency will be deducted from outgoing payments until the debt is satisfied.

Vendors must also register with NevadaEPro to comply with Executive Order 2019-2.

Please direct questions for the NevadaEPro registration to State Purchasing at:  State Purchasing can be contacted at: (775) 684-0170 or

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    Phone: (702) 486-3895


      The Controller's Office will not accept vendor forms by email or fax

      Register Online: The preferred most secure method of registering as a vendor is by completing our form online. Select this link to preview the form, otherwise select the following link to begin:

      Register by Mail: