About Vendor Services

The Controller’s Office will not accept forms by email or fax. Forms are accepted through the Electronic Vendor Registration link or by mail. Only fillable PDF vendor forms (see Fillable Forms below) may be mailed to our address or handed in person to the Las Vegas office.

Please ensure the following information is available before selecting the Electronic Vendor Registration link below:

  • Legal Business Name, Proprietor’s Name, or Individual’s Name (as registered with the IRS or SSA)
  • Doing Business As (DBA), if applicable
  • Physical Address
  • Additional remittance address, if applicable
  • Organization Type (Individual, Corporation, LLC, etc)
  • Tax Identification Number (SSN or EIN)
  • DBE Certificate Number, if applicable
  • NV Business ID Number, if applicable
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Information (Bank Name, Transit Routing Number, Bank Account Number)
  • Copy of a voided imprinted check or restated bank information on signed letterhead (only PDF files are acceptable)

You may preview the fillable form and instructions by selecting the link below:

This is a fillable form that can be completed, printed, and mailed or submitted in person.

In order for your vendor registration to be processed it must meet the following guidelines:

  • All sections must be completed
  • Required documents must be attached
  • Information is accurate
  • No further changes can be made once submitted

You will receive a confirmation email after submission. Keep that for your records. If your electronic vendor registration does not follow the guidelines, an email notification will be sent to you. Upon receipt of your registration Vendor Services staff will review, process and assign a vendor number within 10 business days.

Payment Questions

Further questions regarding payment should be referred to the State of Nevada agency you are doing business with.

Questions regarding Vendor Registration

Further questions regarding vendor registration should be referred to Vendor Services at (702) 486-3895 or vendordesk@controller.state.nv.us.