Vendor Services FAQ

01. Why do I have to register to be a vendor with the State of Nevada?

All vendors receiving payment from a State agency must complete a State of Nevada Vendor Registration form per IRS compliance. W-9 forms are not accepted. From this form we are able to determine who will receive a 1099 at the end of the calendar year.

02. What is the procedure to establish a vendor record with the State of Nevada?

Complete the State of Nevada Vendor Registration form online through the Vendor EFT Requirements FAQ page. The form can also be submitted by standard mail or in person to the Las Vegas office. Both submission methods require back up documentation as indicated in section #4 on the form. Mailing information is in the upper right-hand corner of the form. Upon receipt of the registration form, Vendor Services will assign a vendor number. This record will be used by all State agencies to make payments to you. You can also contact Vendor Services at (702) 486-3895 or to receive a form by mail.

03. Can I submit forms electronically?

Yes, an Electronic Vendor Registration can be completed and submitted online. See the Vendor EFT Requirements FAQ page. This is the preferred method of submission.

04. What is the fee to be a vendor?

There is no fee to be a vendor.

05. What if my address changes? How do we get our payments sent to the correct address?

A financial representative should submit the vendor registration form to update a record.

06. Can I have more than one "remit to" address?

Yes, register additional "remit to" addresses by completing section #2 on the form.

07. Can I receive my payments electronically?

Yes, the passage of SB 81 mandates that payments be made via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Section #4 on the form must be completed. Submit a copy of a voided check to Vendor Services. If there are no checks for the account, restate the bank information on a signed letter (companies must use letterhead). Deposit slip or wire information will not be accepted. For a savings account, provide a signed letter with the bank information. Account information on the form and the support documentation must match. Allow 10 working days for activation.

08. How will I know that a payment has been sent electronically?

A direct deposit remittance advice is sent via e-mail every time an EFT payment is made. Payment information will be sent from the day before the money is to be deposited into your account. Please insure this email address is added to your safe list.

09. My vendor number is on hold for Debt Collection. What does that mean?

Payments will not be made until debt owed to the state is resolved. Contact the Controller’s Office Debt Collection section at (775) 684-5783 for further information.

10. What about foreign vendors? Do I use the same forms?

Non-USA entities are considered foreign vendors. A foreign vendor must submit a foreign vendor registration with an IRS Form W-8 to receive payment. Faxes are acceptable for initial vendor set-up. The original forms must be mailed to Vendor Services prior to any payments being processed.

11. There is no place for EFT information on the Foreign Vendor Registration form. How can I get paid with electronic funds transfer (EFT)?

The Controller's Office does not offer electronic fund transfers outside of the USA. Foreign vendors must be willing to accept a check.

12. Can I receive payment by wire transfer?

Wire transfers through the State Treasurer’s Office can be used to pay some vendors. The agency making payment to you must contact the Treasurer's Office for further information.