Vendor EFT Requirements FAQ (SB 81)

Pursuant to NRS 227 payment to all USA payees of the State of Nevada will be electronic.

01. What forms should vendors use to submit bank information for the EFT process?

All vendors must complete the State of Nevada Vendor Registration Form to establish new or update current records. For more information review About Vendor Services.

02. Will previous versions of the Vendor Registration form be accepted?

No. Current forms are available on the State Controller’s website on the About Vendor Services page.

03. Can the vendor submit an IRS W-9 in lieu of the State of Nevada Registration form?

No. The vendor is required to submit the State of Nevada Vendor Registration form (Rev 06/16).

04. Who should notify vendors of the EFT payment requirement?

Agencies shall notify their vendors and direct vendors to the Electronic Vendor Registration page.

05. Is there any additional documentation that should be submitted with the form for the EFT process?

Yes. The vendor must provide one of the following in PDF format:

  • An imprinted voided check (deposit slips or tickets will not be accepted) or
  • A signed letter restating bank information:
    • Companies must use company letterhead or provide us with a letter from their bank.
    • Individuals must also state in the letter that they authorize the State of Nevada to deposit funds into their account.

Note: The documents must be a PDF file. We DO NOT accept pictures (JPG files).

06. Must the EFT be active before a payment can be made to a vendor?

Agencies should contact vendors in advance, notifying them it may take 10 business days to activate EFT information for payment.

07. Can foreign vendors (non-USA vendors) now receive payments via EFT?

This policy has not changed. Only foreign vendors who have a US bank account can receive payments via EFT.